Our Story.

Welcome to Boss Eyewear, where you can find a team of people passionate about creating some of the best sunglasses out there. Our business started with a simple experiment, and that is to try and find a great way to use wood in order to create sunglasses. Since we are experts in crafting items, we wanted to find a unique approach towards designing sunglasses. And this is why we came up with these amazing models, that you can find on our website.
All of these are designed with a focus on uniqueness and individuality. We are always trying to come up with new designs based on various materials, ideas and other things we encounter. We believe that creativity is a major focus and we create all of these amazing sunglasses in-house.
The way we work is with the utmost precision lens cutting and veneering. Since we use high quality equipment and manufacturing techniques, we are the best at manipulating and using wood in a proper manner. All you need is to check out these incredible sunglasses and pick the ones you like the most!

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